A very good app for me, make me easier to manage my money with a simple and colorful interface.

Jude Thorn - Designer


Great app to keep track of where your money goes. Check out the graph to see what you need to cut down on or spend more on.

Roy Smith - Developer


The app is easy to use. Has a spot that you can add your own categories.

Marsha Singer - Marketer


It didn't ask for any permission. Apart from that, the app is simple and intuitive to use.

Tim Shaw - Designer


The app is good for tracking expenses & incomes, and the balance auto carry forward to next month made me easier to track my balance

Lindsay Spice - Marketer


Great app, the charts so powerful that I can track my expenses for monthly and yearly

Ann Black - Developer


Money manager 365 was designed to keep track of your expenses easily, and manage how much money you spend on each item.

Free Cloud Service

Automatically backup your data to the cloud,and sync your data to multiple devices

Account Share

Share your accounts with your family/ friend and let them add, delete, or edit the transactions in share-account.

Recurring Transaction

Set the recurring transaction for difference date, so that you don’t need to enter manually


Multi Accounts

Create multiple accounts to help you manager expenses/ Incomes easily


Organizing the budget by week, month and year as well as by categories/accounts. Record all items in a single transaction with different categories and accounts.

Security - Link/Unlink

If you lost your phone, you can unlink that phone to prevent your data leak.


Track Result Based On Your Input

After you've configured the app and settled on the data, you can start the information tracking easily, You can always change the account/transaction details.

Expense/Income Tracking

Track your expense and income easily and you know where your money comes and goes.

Balance Tracking

Keep track of your balance daily, monthly, yearly and adjust the date range for further analysis

Powerful Search Function

You can search the transactions by date range, amount range, categories, accounts, and remark.

Colorize Category

You can set the color for each category, and it helps you identify the category even more faster

Category Chart

Find out which category has the highest amount quickly, analysis spending for monthly, yearly and date range

Transaction Chart

Analysis which day or month has the highest expenses, moreover, can check for the date range

Balance Chart

Analysis of the balance based on the daily, monthly, yearly and date range basis

Budget Analysis

Find out which transaction contribute and cause the budget exceeding the limit amount easily

Analysis And Evaluation

Analysis and evolute of your finances and let the system generate the real time reports base on your selected date.



Money Manager 365 Help you track your financial activity efficiently and quickly, it also helps you keep track of your balance at any time,

Chart Analysis

Money Manager 365 can easily help you track your personal finance and let you find out costly activities quickly. Check out the details


Clean UI

The clean and simple UI let you check your expenses quickly and efficiency, ease for use, just open the app in 1 second, and start to log your expenses.


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